DL Industry Bag

DL Industry Bag 
Options Table DL
Diagonal Discharge FlapX
Quick Discharge  
Quick Discharge plus Extra Protection  
Discharge Locking Device X
Printing (up to 3 colours) X
Document Pouch X
Inside PP Coating  
Inside PP Coating and All Seems Dustproof X
PE. Liner (Various Styles) X
PE. Liner Glued to Outer Bag X
PE. Liner Blown and Folded with Outer Bag X
Cable Ties instead of String X
Extra Loops for Central Lifting  
Lower Loops for Central Lifting  
Double Loops for Liftin Options  
Couloured Fabrics X
Coloured Liners X
Heavy-Duty Lifting Loops  
Transpirable Fabric for e.g. Potatoes  


The main body of these FIBC's are made from circular woven fabric and are designed to be lifted from two points. The lifting loops are made from the continuation of the wall fabric and have extra protection of additional woven fabric sewn around the lifting area.We offer a number of bag accessories together with filling and discharge options for each bag (see chart).

 Technical Specifications

Relevant test standards:

EFIBCA 005 (SF5:1), Single trip

EFIBCA 004 (SF6:1), Standard duty

UN Recommendations for the transport of Dangerous Goods

Standard dimensions of discharge spout:

Diameter 35cm, height 50cm

Other dimensions for filling and discharge spouts and the loops are available in accordance with the users requirements.