Corrugated Plastic Totes

Most Industries and Businesses today are looking for ways to reduce their shipping and handling costs. The use of Returnable packaging is just one cost effective way to help to reduce these costs considerably.

Use of packaging to handle Aesthetic Components between the Vendors and the OEM forms a very important part of Logistics today, damages during transit that are due to inappropriate packaging is a vital factor which adds to the ultimate cost of the component. Disposal of single use packaging at the OEM facility also adds to operational costs. Returnable packaging users will find a considerable saving even after as few as 8/10 trips.


Enviro-Pack Material Handling Inc. can offer Boxes, Crates, Bins, Sleeves, and Partitions etc. made from Corrugated Polypropylene Sheets and are designed and made to order to suit our customer’s needs. The manufacture of Corrugated Polypropylene Sheets and the fabrication process including “Ultrasonic Welding” are all done under one roof at our manufacturing facility. The plant is fully equipped with all the latest machinery for both extrusion and fabrication.
The sheets are made out of Impact Co Polymer of Polypropylene; it has cellular construction with two walls connected by vertical ribs. The sheets are water and oil resistant, light weight, strong and with live hinge properties. It is 100% recyclable. Being fiber free it can also be used in clean environments where paper board base products are unsuitable. The package can be screen printed for the purpose of branding and identification.

Manufacturing of these made to order packages involves low cost initial tooling far less costly than injection molding tooling. The die cut sheets can be reinforced with edge channels, handles and moulded corners for safe stacking during loading, storage and transportation of the finished components. They can also be fitted with dividers to isolate individual components.

These Totes/Boxes are extensively used in the Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries for delivery of components. They are also finding increasing uses in Educational facilities, office administration, Legal records and Museums etc. for short and long term storage of documents and Archaeological artefacts especially in damp environments.

There are numerous applications in other industries such as consumer electronics, home appliances, food processing, textiles etc.

Partitioned Large Stacked Half Box open lid
Fixed Partitioned Flat Half Box
Universal Carton Collapsible Full, Half and Third