AS Industry Bag

AS Industry Bag 
Options Table AS
Diagonal Discharge Flap X
Quick Discharge X
Quick Discharge plus Extra Protection X
Discharge Locking Device X
Printing (up to 3 colours) X
Document Pouch X
Inside PP Coating  
Inside PP Coating and All Seems Dustproof X
PE. Liner (Various Styles) X
PE. Liner Glued to Outer Bag X
PE. Liner Blown and Folded with Outer Bag X
Cable Ties instead of String X
Extra Loops for Central Lifting  
Lower Loops for Central Lifting  
Double Loops for Liftin Options  
Couloured Fabrics X
Coloured Liners X
Heavy-Duty Lifting Loops X
Transpirable Fabric for e.g. Potatoes  


Our "AS" model is based on the "UA" design and is intended for mediun and light duty applications. The "AS" is manufactured from a durable circular woven fabric i.e. has no vertical seems. The four lifting loops are sewn onto a reinforced part of the fibre body fabric. The wider spacing of these loops allows for easier handling by fork lift truks. We offer a number of bag accessories together with filling and discharge options for each bag (see chart).

 Technical Specifications

Relevant test standards:

EFIBCA 005 (SF5:1), Single trip

EFIBCA 006 (SF6:1), Standard duty

Standard dimensions of filling spout:

Diameter 38cm, height 50cm

Standard dimensions of discharge spout:

Diameter 35cm, height 50cm

Standard height of lifting loops: 30cm

Other dimensions for filling and discharge spouts and the loops are available in accordance with the users requirements.